Exciting day! We are now powered by the sun. Solar system installed and we can't wait to get our FPL bill. Thank you Raul Vergara and staff. You were all wonderful and a pleasure to work with. The process was easier than we thought. Thank you again. - Gloria Turkel

"I was absolutely thrilled that your company was able to assist us so quickly"

All I can say is that if anyone were to ever ask me about Cutler Bay Solar Solutions, I would tell them that not only do you sell and install a very high quality product, but that your service is outstanding. -Craig Merwitzer

We found Raul, CEO of Cutler Bay Solar Solutions, explains the process completely and thoroughly. He assisted us every step of the way and was on site often to check the job, which was done quickly and professionally. We highly recommend Cutler Bay Solar Solutions - Bill and Karen Brown 

"You've built yourself a quality solar team..."

I wanted to thank you and your team for doing such a great job taking down and reinstalling our PV system. It seems to be working well and your installers were very efficient and friendly when they were here. You've built yourself a quality solar team (I wish you were around when I put the system in). Please let the installers know we appreciate the job they did. All the best,
-David Q

Raul and his team did a fantastic and clean job, setting myself up with solar panels. I have already shaved a combined $550-$600 off two bills. Took the time to walk me thru the steps, making appropriate suggestions along the way to further minimize my footprint. No obstacle was to big to over-come.. I'm hooked with Cutler Bay Solar Solutions. - Alex Garcia

Cutler Bay Solar Solutions did a great job from start to finish with installing our new solar panel system. They were professional, reliable, honest, and friendly. You can tell they care about their customers and the service that they provide to them. Andrew was very helpful and patient with answering our questions. We would highly recommend them! -Melissa Honeycutt

A+ Installation and Service 

Raul and his team at Cutler Bay installed an 8kw Solar PV System on my home in Coral Gables, FL. From start to finish I could not have asked for a better experience. Raul is honest and dedicated. His crew of installers were outstanding. I just powered up my system yesterday and generated 36 kw hours of power. Fantastic! - Morton F.

The absolute best decision I have made in my life was to harness the power of the sun and fuel my family’s needs. Raul and his staff were all awesome and very professional. It all started with Raul. He showed up and looked at our home and wanted to look at some of our major appliances (water heater, 2 AC systems, pool pump, and sprinkler pump). He made some suggestions to upgrades in order for my family to really enjoy the rewards of Solar PV systems. Then he began to explain what solar is 1st and how it works. Now I could follow him but my wife needed a little assistance. Well Raul broke it down for her on a level that she could really understand. He then explained how the tax credit works and would apply to us. He then asked if we had any questions for him and we asked away. From hurricane protection, all the way to heh what happens when we decide to change the roof? He then began to show us the products he would prefer to install and the reason why. He never made us feel like we would have to decide right in that moment. Even with the follow-up proposal there was no pressure just a simple call me if you have any question. I finally signed the proposal and man it was like watching a well-oiled machine working. One person called me setup time to sign some paperwork and permit request. Then Louis came by and looked at our breaker panel and meter. Raul called and said heh let’s get this started. He stated the work crew would be here around 9 and my wife who works from home told me the work crew showed up on time and started working right away. The project was completed 2 days ahead of schedule and we couldn't be happier. Raul and Louis came to visit and did show me how to view the monitor software and delivered all our paperwork for our records.

Now I must say the house we purchased has been a nightmare and dealing with numerous contractors for different projects hasn't been any better. Raul and the Cutler Bay Solar Family was a huge breath of fresh air. Thru no fault of Raul's I was not expecting this project to go smoothly at all. This was the 1st project performed without any delays or hassles. I really wish all contractors across Miami-Dade County, the State of Florida and all over the country could all be like this. I've never been so happy we can't wait to see our 1st FPL bill. Thanks again Raul.  - Damian Davis

I highly recommend Cutler Bay Solar Solutions. Raul and Andrew visited to answer all my questions about going solar. What I liked most about this company is that they helped me figure out a way to afford going solar and were not pushy like other vendors. The installation was quick and painless. It took about one week after permits were approved for the work to be completed. They kept me informed from start to finish and they replaced my panel and fixed my water heater timer before setting everything up. -Randré Wright


" I was extremely impressed with Cutler Bay Solar Solutions"

I used Ygrene and they gave me a list of contractors and I contacted a couple and had them come out and give me estimates.  I was extremely impressed with Cutler Bay Solar Solutions owner Raul.  He was very personable and knowledgeable.  He made me feel comfortable and his pricing was better than other estimates.   His familiarity with Ygrene helped navigate me through the system flawlessly.  His friendly associates designed a system for my home that significantly lowered my electricity bill.  I have a 4 bedroom, 4 bath, 2400 sq foot home and was excited when my first FPL bill came in at 37.00.  If you are looking to save on your energy bill, Cutler Bay Solar Solutions offers the best panels on the market at the lowest price.  If YGRENE is in your area, you may be eligible to get them as I did, no money down, just added to you tax bill. Contact Ygrene.com to see if you are eligible. – Lionel Mouton

"I wish there were more contractors like them."

Cutler Bay Solar is the best contractor I have ever used. We are exceptionally happy with the work that was done. Extremely professional, responsive, always on time, customer focused and efficient. Raul answered every question asked without hesitation, and was always available. He explained the process, how it would happen, what would need to be done, and designed a top notch system for us. Cleaned up work areas, and were very thorough. – Christopher Faiella